EVI-PAQ Crime Scene Marking Products


Innovative Solutions for Crime Scene Investigators

Crime scene investigators everywhere recognize EVI-PAQ products as common-sense, easy-to-use solutions to the everyday problems faced by crime scene and property/evidence room professionals. EVI-PAQ products are created by paying close attention to the needs of our customers, the law-enforcement community.

Innovative, practical and highly customer-focused, EVI-PAQ is more than just a product line. As part of Forensics Source and the Safariland family of companies, it is part of the ongoing commitment to researching and developing innovative new products and techniques for crime scene investigators.

Evi-Paq Evidence ID Tents

Evidence ID Tents

The favorite crime scene marker for photo documentation professionals. Versatile and compact, each scale is available in yellow or white in either a flat or cut-out configuration and includes a metric scale for precise measurement and reference. A hole at the top of each scale allows for wall mounting or elevated field use.  Learn More

Evi-Paq Versa-Cone Evidence Markers

Versa-Cone Evidence Markers

Made of durable, high-impact material, the patented Versa-Cones are unlike any other evidence or traffic cones. They effectively mark evidence by day with flags or by night with reflective circles or chemical light sticks. The light stick/cone combination offers distinct visibility for perimeter control and provides a safe alternative to flares. Five bright colors are available to help mark multiple categories of evidence. Learn More

Evi-Paq Disposable Evidence ID Tents

Disposable Evidence ID Tents

A cost-effective and flexible way to mark evidence, these cardboard markers feature a reference scale along the bottom with markings in metric on one side and inches on the other. A center brace ensures the markers remain standing and don’t sag. A perforated hole in the center allows the marker to be anchored to the ground using a crime scene flag. After work is completed, the markers can simply be discarded. Learn More

Evi-Paq Evi-Lites Lighted Evidence Markers

Evi-Lites™ Lighted Evidence Markers

Clearly mark evidence at night using these unique Evi-Lites. With a simple twist, the lights can be activated and used as an ad hoc traffic marker or for assistive lighting during photography in low light conditions. Place Evi-Lites under nearly any crime scene marker to fully illuminate it. Evi-Lites are also waterproof for use in wet or shallow water conditions. hassle. Learn More

Evi-Paq Trajectory Reconstruction Equipment

Trajectory Equipment

EVI-PAQ includes the largest selection of trajectory supplies in the world. Unlike most competing equipment, all EVI-PAQ trajectory products are co-aligned, so you can be assured that your center line will be straight and accurate every time. Learn More

Evi-Paq Windowed Evidence Boxes

Windowed Evidence Boxes

Featuring rigid polystyrene windows, Windowed Evidence Boxes allow you to view evidence and record serial numbers and other information without sacrificing the integrity, strength or durability you’ve come to expect from EVI-PAQ evidence boxes. Available in sizes to accommodate both rifles and handguns. Learn More

Evi-Paq Traxtone Casting Material

Traxtone Casting Material

Make evidence impressions on the spot with no mess and no hassle. Traxtone is a diestone dental stone material that gives a green or buff-colored, highly detailed impression with minimum setting time. Just add water and mix in the self-seal bag. Traxtone provides superior detail reproduction and durability. Learn More

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