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A Heritage of Excellence and Service

Since 1936, Lightning Powder products have been trusted partners of forensics professionals across the globe. Home to some of the most trusted and respected products in the industry, such as the Zephyr® Fingerprint Brush, Breakaway™ Evidence and Security Tape and Lightning Fingerprint Powder, Lightning Powder products are known for their reliability and quality. Today, as part of Forensics Source and the Safariland family of companies, we offer thousands of items, from fingerprint powders and forensic light sources to photo documentation and evidence packaging supplies. But perhaps most important, we still believe in the Lightning Powder philosophy, that the customer is always right. You’ll find we go the extra mile to make sure we exceed even your highest expectations.

Lightning Powder Lightning Spray Deluxe Kit

Lightning Spray Deluxe Kit

Lightning Spray™ Aerosol Fingerprint Powder is the latest innovation in forensic latent fingerprinting technology from Lightning Powder®. Until now, the only method available for fingerprinting was applying powder with a variety of brushes. Lightning Spray makes it possible to apply fingerprinting powder by spraying the suspect area with a controlled, consistent application of powder. Our deluxe kit contains (1) can each of White, Black, Silver/Grey and our Redwop™ Lightning Spray Aerosol Fingerprint Powder, (4) each of the Lightning Spray Portable Tents and (4) Breeze™ Fiberglass Brushes. The White and Black powders are great for use on light or dark surfaces and the silver/grey powder is perfect for use on all glass, metallic, highly-varnished surfaces, hard rubber, safes, blue-steel guns or dark colored surfaces. Our Redwop powder is recommended as a primary use fluorescent powder for examination of latent prints with forensic light sources. Learn More

Lightning Powder Latent Print Powders

Latent Print Powders

First developed in 1936, Lightning® brand latent print powders have been used by technicians around the world to develop latent prints on virtually any type of surface. They are available in a variety of colors, from standard black, white and silver/gray powders to specialty powders such as our Bi-Chromatic™ dual-use powders, Redwop and Greenwop fluorescent powders or our Blitz line of fluorescent magnetic powders. This allows you to use the powder that will provide the optimal contrast with the background surface to obtain the clearest latent print possible. Learn More

Lightning Powder Zephyr Fiberglass Latent Print Brush

Original Zephyr® Fingerprint Brush

The ZEPHYR brush is simply the finest latent print brush ever developed. The 6-1/2" long brush consists of thousands of fiber bundles, each composed of over 100 individual treated-glass filaments. The diameter of the glass filaments is a fraction of the diameter of regular hair fibers used in other fingerprint brushes, resulting in unsurpassed working qualities. Its outstanding characteristics are long life, capacity to pick up and retain large amounts of powder, and filament ends that become softer with use. Since 1956, the ZEPHYR brush has remained the original—and finest—fiberglass fingerprint-dusting brush available. Learn More

ZEPHYR® is a registered trademark of Lightning Powder®.

Lightning Powder Wetwop


For developing latent prints on the adhesive side of tape, Wetwop is a pre-mixed, thick black or white liquid that is applied to the surface with a camelhair brush. It can be used to develop prints from masking, duct, clear, cellophane, brown-packaging and nylon-reinforced strapping tapes. Wetwop is pre-mixed. Simply shake, apply to the surface and gently rinse with tap water. Learn More

Lightning Powder Photo Evidence Scales

Photo Evidence Scales

Available in black, transparent, white, grey, blue or yellow, these 0.020” thick, 6” vinyl scales are ideal for use in evidence photos. They are marked in both inches and millimeters. The scales have crosshair circles at each end to assist in photogrammetry corrections, and their flat color eliminates the chance of reflections. These scales are also available in a transparent, non-glare plastic. The printing of the numbers and lines is on the back of the scale to prevent annoying shadows from appearing. Learn More

Lightning Powder Breakaway Evidence Tape

Breakaway™ Evidence and Security Tape

Breakaway Evidence and Security Sealing Tapes are special tamper-indicating tapes, complete in a dispenser box. The material is an acetate base, which causes the tape to be fragile when placed on a package or box. Attempts to remove this serrated-edged tape will cause it to shred. A white stripe allows you to write on it easily. Learn More

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