NIK Public Safety

NIK® Public Safety

Know the Truth.

NIK® Public Safety offers agencies the most accurate narcotics field identification kits, specimen and evidence collection kits and tamper-resistant evidence tape available in the industry. The NIK System allows officers to rapidly screen and presumptively identify most suspected illegal drugs encountered in the field. Each test is designed to be self-contained and provides all necessary elements to quickly and reliably perform each test. Forensics Source supports NIK users by offering a comprehensive training program designed to teach instructors and users how to effectively use our products. Master-Pac®, Cocaine ID Swabs, Freshplates™ and Tamper Guard® Evidence Tape are just a few of the high-quality offerings included in the NIK Public Safety family of products.

NIK Public Safety Master-Pac


The NIK® Master-Pac is recommended for military, law enforcement, intelligence, customs, postal service, correctional facilities and safety/security investigations where the need for complete polytesting is anticipated. It can also be used effectively in hospital, paramedic and other emergency applications where drug overdose is suspected. This kit presumptively identifies 25 controlled substances. Learn More

NIK Public Safety Cocaine ID Swabs

Cocaine ID Swabs

Presumptively detect the presence of Cocaine by simply wiping a Cocaine ID Swab over the suspected surface. Test results are immediate. A blue result presumptively identifies the presence of Cocaine and may be sufficient cause for further investigation. Each swab is sensitive to trace amounts of residue; far less than could be collected for regular field testing. Each 2.5cm x 3.8cm (1” x 1.5”) swab is hermetically sealed in single-use foil envelopes. Unlimited shelf life assures these swabs will provide dependable results when you need them. Learn More

Secure Seal Tamper Indicating Bags

Secure Seal™ Tamper-Indicating Bags

Designed to offer complete security and documentation for evidence collection. The unique adhesive of these bags will, if tampered with, display the word VOID across the permanent adhesive strip. Each bag features check boxes for evidence, found property and safekeeping, making it a versatile solution for any type of property that needs to remain secure. The see-through material features a large block of white, so any writing on the bag is highly visible. Each pack includes 100 individual bags. Learn More

Tamper Guard Evidence Tape

Tamper Guard® Evidence Tape

Virtually impossible to violate, Tamper Guard Evidence Tape outperforms all evidence tapes and is ideal for anchoring and sealing today’s exotic plastics and other finishes. Each roll is printed in safety orange using a special dye that will bleed and smear if it comes into contact with most solvents, and is printed on a thin acrylic stock that tears easily. A superior adhesive and minute saw-tooth edges along both sides of the tape leave signs of tampering. Easy to write on, this tape is ideal for sealing evidence or for secure storage of nearly any item. Each roll measures 3.1cm x 25m (1.25” x 84’ ). Learn More

NIK Public Safety Freshplates


Freshplates are 12-unit spot plates for use in forensic laboratories when performing color spot tests. They are resistant to acids but not to solvents such as chloroform or acetone. Freshplates are lightweight, disposable, unbreakable, and fresh, which means there are no possible contaminants to interfere with the examination of suspect drugs. Learn More

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