ODV Narcotics Test Kits


The Industry Leader in Narcotics Field Testing Supplies Since 1969

Founded in Connecticut in 1969, ODV was the first company in the world to manufacture narcotic field tests in crushable glass ampoules. ODV has since grown to become a leading brand in presumptive drug testing with its NarcoPouch® line of cost-effective test kits. These kits provide investigators with a portable chemistry lab in each self-contained, pre-measured and hermetically sealed glass ampoule. Color reactions are immediate and a white panel background on each test makes color identification easy and consistent, while a unique safety harness wraps around the ampoules to help prevent broken glass punctures. ODV enhances the effectiveness of these kits by providing officers with extensive product training and technical support.

ODV NarcoPouch Narcotics Test Kits

RELIABILITY. PRECISION. VALUE. Since 1969, ODV narcotics field test kits have been recognized as one of the best in the industry. The first company in the world to manufacture narcotic field tests in crushable glass ampoules, ODV products include one of the most recognized brands in the industry: NarcoPouch.

As part of the Forensics Source and BAE Systems international family of companies, ODV products continue to be known worldwide as extraordinarily precise and cost effective.

INDUSTRY-LEADING TRAINING. Even drug tests as precise and easy to use as ODV’s require skill and knowledge. That’s why we offer a comprehensive training program for all ODV products. Training is available through a self-testing certification program or through a certified trainer. For complete information, please contact us.

The ODV narcotics testing system provides positive results for nearly every drug of abuse. Below is a list of some of the narcotics test kits available:

  • General Screening
    Marquis Reagent

  • Confirming Test
    Nitric Acid Reagent

  • Cocaine/Crack
    Cocaine Salts & Base Reagent

  • Barbiturates
    Dille-Koppanyi Reagent

  • Methadone
    Mandelin Reagent

  • LSD
    Ehrlich’s Modified Reagent

  • Marijuana
    Duquenois-Levine Reagent (Pouch) and Duquenois Reagent (Tube)
    KN Reagent (Fast Blue B Salts)

  • PCP/Methaqualone
    PCP/Methaqualone Reagent

  • Opiates/Oxycodone
    Opiates Reagent

  • Methamphetamine
    Sodium Nitroprusside Reagent

  • Heroin (White, Brown and Black Tar)
    Mecke’s Modified Reagent

  • Valium® / Rohypnol® / Ketamine
    Valium/Diazepam Reagent

  • Talwin®
    Talwin/Pentazocine Reagent

  • Ephedrine
    Ephedrine Reagent

  • GHB
    Gamma Hydroxybutyrate Reagent

ODV NarcoPouch Squad Pack

NarcoPouch® Squad Pack

The Squad Pack is the ideal portable kit. Containing 24 individual tests and a NarcoPouch Instruction Manual, the entire kit is enclosed in a rugged Saunders’ aluminum clipboard. Each kit includes two tests of Mayer’s Reagent, two tests each for Barbiturates, LSD and Heroin, six tests of Marquis Reagent, six tests for Cocaine and four tests for Marijuana. Learn More

ODV NarcoPouch Sixty Kit

NarcoPouch Sixty Kit

Each kit includes one box each of Marquis Reagent, one box of tests for Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana, Heroin and Methamphetamine/MDMA and a NarcoPouch Instruction Manual. The Sixty Kit can also include your choice of six refill boxes and a NarcoPouch Instruction Manual. Learn More


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