Versa-Cones, Numbers and Letters


Get our popular Versa-Cones pre-printed with numbers on all four sides. Because a number appears on each face, you can easily capture all desired photo angles without stopping to reposition the cone. Designed not to move, slide or tip-over even in extremely windy conditions, the Versa-Cones aid in marking multiple categories of evidence. Holes in the top of each cone can be used for crime scene flags. Versa-Cones are stackable, compact and durable.

Choose your preferred color by adding it’s corresponding letter to the end of the part number (ie. VCN-0120G)

G = Green Y = Yellow

VCN-0120 Versa-Cones numbered from 1-20
VCN-2140 Versa-Cones numbered from 21-40
VCN-4160 Versa-Cones numbered from 41-60
VCN-6180 Versa-Cones numbered from 61-80
VCN-8100 Versa-Cones numbered from 81-100
VCN-AZ Versa-Cones lettered A-Z

Each marker is angled to nest perfectly without obscuring the hole on the top that can be used to anchor the markers to:

  • Use different colored cones to mark multiple categories of evidence and provide the best contrast at a crime scene
  • Use in conjunction with reflective circles, crime scene flags or chemical light sticks
  • Stackable and compact for easy handling and storage
  • Made of a durable high-impact material
  • Base measures 11.4cm x 11.4cm (4.5" x 4.5") and insures stability in windy conditions
  • $74.25 - $99.87

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