Identicator Fingerprinting Products

Identicator® Fingerprinting Products

Keeping it Simple.

Identicator products all share three basic benefits: They are clean, cost-effective and simple to use. All products create non-smearing, instantly permanent, black prints acceptable by the FBI for scanning, classification, search and retention.

Identicator Touch Signature Pads

Touch Signature® Fingerprint Pads

Used by banks and commercial institutions around the world, Touch Signature pads are one of the easiest methods to reduce the risk of fraud. The inking surface won’t dry out during the life of the pad. Fingerprints are consistently clear on any paper stock and dry instantly. Learn More

Identicator Perfect Print Fingerprinting Ink

Perfect Print® Fingerprinting Ink

The patented paste-type fingerprint ink is the cleanest ink available for use with slab and roller. Unlike standard fingerprint inks, which require special solvents to clean, Perfect Print ink simply rinses off with water. In addition, the ink dries immediately on the card but not on the slab, making application simple and reducing the number of rejected fingerprints. Learn More

Identicator Perfect Print Fingerprinting Ink Pads

Perfect Print Fingerprinting Ink Pads

Usable on any plain paper, these pads produce sharp, black fingerprints that dry almost instantly. The patented Perfect Print ink simplifies cleanup. Simply rub the hands together or wipe them with a cloth. No ink removing cleaners are needed. The unique hard ceramic inking surface prevents the pad from drying out over time and removes the risk of overinking the fingers. Learn More

Identicator Digit 10 Inkless Fingerprinting System

Digit 10® Inkless Fingerprinting System

This unique inkless fingerprinting system is designed to make fingerprinting clean and simple. Everything is built into the unit, including a card holder and a recessed slot for a finger pad. Roll the fingers on the chemically-treated pad and then on any standard fingerprint card. No ink required! Finally, place the cards in the Digit 10 unit to process them, resulting in dark black, permanent fingerprints. Learn More

Identicator Perfect Print Fingerprint Ink Strips

Perfect Print Fingerprint Ink Strips

Featuring the patented Perfect Print ink, these washable ink foil strips don’t require any type of cleaner to remove ink from the fingers. Simply wash it off with water. The ink dries instantly on card stock but won’t dry on an open strip. Each strip inks all ten fingers and has an offset tab, making it easier to open. These strips are remarkably convenient and easy to use. Learn More

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